Unliked by Shadwell Smith

I have no plans to get involved
Count me out
I abstain from your vain disclosures
The glib platitudes
the bandwagons
the sign this, the sign that
the “please give generously”
Go ahead
be your own celebrity
but I’m not jumping on that train

Spare me
your crass self-promotion
The announcement
of another birthday
The holiday to Panama
(pictures to follow)
your ‘cute’ kids
the food you are about to eat
May The Lord
Give You Intractable Gastroenteritis.

And don’t expect me to ‘Like’
your amateur photography
your ‘right on’, on-line liberalism
the Czechoslovakian art house film
you apparently watched last night
The Jazz, the spazzy snaz
you espouse
Your piteous attempts at humour

Do me a favour
Take it all away
Buy yourself a mirror
and reflect on that.


Shadwell is a school teacher who lives in Dunstable. His poems have appeared in a number of magazines and e-zines. He sometimes appears in pubs, clubs and coffee shops performing them.



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