Hate Preacher by Noel Negele

Yesterday something awful happened to me.
That unrelenting, constant ball of hatred resting on my chest
Gave away to a feeling dangerously close to remorse—
I remembered of all my wrongdoings and all the guilts
Began to swell up inside of me, my eyes started to cloud
Like morons—
But then I laughed and I freed myself from that discomfort
far more easily than any honorable man should.

Dear unknown reader, to presume than you are there is
Enough self-indulgence on my part to render me an asshole
But nonetheless hear me when I say
That what shapes you more substantially than anything else
Is the two choices you come across constantly from very early
In your life— The repeating dilemma : To make the right choice
Or the convenient one?

And unfortunately for us, the two choices are mutually excluding
More often than not
And if you make the convenient choice enough times, you will
Question the very meaning of “right”.
And if you question the very meaning of right, it will not take
You much time to see it for what it really is:
Just another word in the dictionary dictating bullshit.

Why would you stand there, faithfully trying, anchored
In an uncomfortable life because of a despotic notion
Inside a society that doesn’t care anymore?

People have broken free from the chains of righteousness.
They don’t allow morality to restrict them anymore.
Virtues are obstacles they jump over to reach their goals.
Everything is permitted now.
Every man for himself and God for all.

The only thing that matters is for you to be alright.
Everybody else that is not you is an enemy.
Your good side is your enemy. Get rid of it.
Pluck out all the useless kindness.
Strip away the goodness, become a mirror
Reflecting the ugliness back at their bloated faces.

To be a good person has to be the single most
Overrated thing in the history of the humankind.

Deny them.
Face the darkness.
Conquer it.

Noel Negele

Noel Negele was born and raised in Albania but currently resides in Greece. Some of his scribblings are alive on Dead Snakes and Horror Sleaze Trash, and a couple are featured in Midnight Lane Boutique. Not much else to say.


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