The Last Orders by Jonathan Beale

I’ve seen them every where
On the corner of terraced St’s
Row upon row after very

After row these strikingly
Different epochs when industry
Was another brutal animal.

Once the very epicentre
Of the street.  The mainstay
Of Tanner Street from…

East London,.  Manchester
Liverpool, Glasgow,
Bristol, to anywhere in-fact.

From those sepia times
Easier times some say
The world was held up

And sown together
By vast lines of Dockers
In their duffle jackets

Caps and capped
Boots – forming lines
In a formicary mode

Their vast hands
Consuming pint after
Pint interspersed

With fingers of fire
And spark as Thor
Or Phaethon

The world suspended
With the weight
Of responsibility

As Damocles learn
When once that thread
Pings any one is caught

The now very aged
The Last Orders
Stands with blistered paint

And threadbare carpet and
Estate agent signs
Awaiting its next fate

Burial or cremation
The next generation might
Not know

There everywhere tucked away
You’ve seen them too, you may
Forgotten I’ve seen them every where

On the corner of terraced St.’s
For ever until the hammer must fall
It remains.  Row upon row upon row….

Jonathan Beale

Jonathan Beale has 500 plus poems published in Penwood Review, Poetic Diversity, Ink Sweat & Tears, Down in the Dirt, Mad Swirl, Pyrokinection, Ygdrasil, Van Gogh’s Ear, The Beatnik Cowboy, The Jawline Review, Bluepepper, Jellyfish Whispers, The Outsider, and Yellow Mama. His first collection of poetry ‘The Destinations of Raxiera’ is published by Hammer & Anvil. He studied philosophy at Birkbeck College London and lives in Surrey England.


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