Deadeye Jackson by Paul Tristram

“Ok, we’ve got another one.
Ann Marie Joseph was taken to Springfield A&E at 11:17 this morning with a face injury.
The incident occurred between 10:53 and 10:55 on the Town end of Old Bridge Road, right outside the second Costcutter.
Witnesses saw nothing-lucky for us she’s a smart looking woman and a couple of builders on scaffolding two shopfronts back were busy ogling her at the exact time- except she looked like she was punched by something invisible, she was walking down the pavement one minute then suddenly spun in a half circle before falling to the ground.
She remained conscious but her balance is completely shot (Please, excuse the pun!).
The bridge of the nose has been taken right off, with almost surgical precision.
Nobody heard a sound, although to be fair it was heavy traffic at that time.
Once again a high powered hunting air rifle was used. The lead pellet-which is at this minute in Forensics and we believe to be a ‘Pointed Pellet’ just like the others- was found lodged in the wooden doorframe of Ladbrokes Bookies a few feet to the left of the incident.
The trajectory comes from the rooftop of Brains Brewery right across the street, but no one saw anybody on the roof, climbing up or back down off the roof.
We believe it to be our man ‘Deadeye Jackson’.
For the new boys and girls on the team sitting on the left front of the room, here’s a brief history of our suspect and the incidents so far in this case.
The first time our ‘Serial Maimer’ came to our attention was in the late afternoon of the 30th of April when he expertly shot off the end section of Mary Jenkins’s right little finger from a derelict warehouse off Cathedral Road as she was innocently walking past the middle gates of the park. The shot was taken from a second story window and upon examination no evidence was found there apart from a used condom and a Jackson King Size cigarette end, hence the nickname we have affectionately given the perpetrator. After DNA analysis the cigarette end turned out to belong to a known hooker who frequently used the derelict building to ply her trade. The used condom, one of her punters, again known to us and with numerous Kerb Crawling Offences against his name. Both parties have since been ruled out of this investigation. There was a single witness, a 68 year old Mrs Betty Sharp standing at a nearby bus stop who saw an IC1 male wearing a dark grey hoodie with black baseball cap, approximately 6ft and carrying a guitar case leaving the side of the building moments after the incident. Just like all other incidents, he keeps out of Town and uses places devoid of CCTV.
The second incident took place at Sandfields Beach on the 15th of May when a 17 year old Camilla Barker’s middle toe on the right foot was shot clean off whilst she lay sunbathing and surrounded by other people. The shot was taken from the bushes upon a grassy rise across the other side of the road opposite the beach. There were no witnesses.
The third incident took place at the North edge of the Funfair at Carnival Fields, where a 25 year old Macy Trueblood had her left earlobe taken clean off, leaving the rest of the ear above it intact.
The shot was fired from halfway up an oak tree at the side of the canal across the other side of the road.
A Mr. Johnston who was out walking his cocker spaniel saw an IC1 male in his late 20’s – early 30’s, wearing a dark grey hoodie with black baseball cap and carrying a navy blue sports bag running further up the canal in the direction of Bromley Square Junction.
That is all we have on the suspect. A mangled ‘Pointed Pellet’ used for hunting was discovered close to each victim. The force seems to imply that the suspect in question has knowledge of air rifles and has illegally double-sprung his weapon to make it more powerful.
We are not of the opinion that he aimed and hit randomly but that each shot was expertly carried out with dismemberment being the prime motive.
There seems to be no pattern or link to the victims apart from them being female, young and ‘Lookers’.
Our 3 psychiatrists have profiled him as having recently (within 18 months) come out of an heterosexual relationship, where he feels wronged and belittled somehow. Of course, we have no filing system or monitoring technique available concerning matters of the heart.
I want you out beating the streets, get in pubs and ask around about angry separations, divorces and domestics.
Airgun clubs, local rabbiters and hunters, both gun shops and target ranges, especially illegal backstreet ones, remember the gun’s been fixed.
Right, jump to it, let’s find this maniac before somebody else loses a nipple or eyeball.
I want everyone reporting back to me at 6:30pm each evening… go find the Bastard!”


Paul Tristram is a Welsh writer who has poems, short stories, sketches and photography published in many publications around the world, he yearns to tattoo porcelain bridesmaids instead of digging empty graves for innocence at midnight; this too may pass, yet. Buy his books ‘Scribblings Of A Madman’ (Lit Fest Press) ‘Poetry From The Nearest Barstool’ at You can also read his poems and stories here!


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