The Tightest Ship In The Shipping Business by Ben Newell

I come home from work on a Monday,
cross paths
with the UPS man
who has just delivered a package
to one of my fellow tenants.

He’s breathing heavily
sweating profusely—

“Those weekends sure go by fast,”
he says.  “Oh well, it’ll all pay
off one day . . .”

“Yeah,” I say.

He returns to his truck, sits down,
cranks it.

It’ll all pay off one day . . . .

I can’t see how this grind
will ever pay off.

And that brown truck speeding
away from here
looks like a giant glob of shit
on wheels.

The perfect vehicle
for a guy
with shit for brains.

Ben Newell

Ben Newell is a fortysomething library clerk in Jackson, Mississippi. His poems have appeared in Carcinogenic Poetry, LUMMOX, My Favorite Bullet, Nerve Cowboy, Pink Litter, Yellow Mama, and other underground publications.




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