Available For Cat-Feeding by John Grey

Is there such a man
who feeds a woman’s cats
while she’s away in Florida for a week?
Yes, there is.
It’s me.
I’m someone entrusted with the key
to another apartment
by a woman who worries not
that I’ll steal something,
ransack her drawers, her closets,
or peek here and there
in search of secrets.
Tell me where the cat meat is kept
and I’m your guy.
Provide me with an inventory
of whose dish is whose
and I will fill them every day.
She warns me not to try
to get friendly with the beasts.
They’ve claws sharp enough
to crack walnuts.
In other words,
those animals will feast
on what I put out for them
but they won’t show
the least sign of gratitude.
No purr to go along
with my fur-threading fingers.
No slalom rub
in and out of ankles.
Is there such a man
who will go all out for a woman
while knowing here will be no
commensurate reward?
I have filled that role forever it seems.
Relationships begin with
“You just don’t know how much
I really need you.”
They end with “Meow.”

John Grey

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in New Plains Review, South Carolina Review, Gargoyle and Silkworm work upcoming in Big Muddy Review, Cape Rock and Spoon River Poetry Review.

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