Dreamers Daze by Nicole Surginer

Walk in a haunting dreamers daze
alongside my sporadic heartbeat
where wilting lilies weep as
the sun cowers from the cold
Dizzying kaleidoscope visions
drift like a blinding morning fog
Blue bleeds to bitter grey
where the lines of truth blur
Traipse through trepid chaos sludge
where dull scent of deadness lingers
Barron trees contorted grotesquely
line the tattered fence of subtleties
Wisps of hope dangle from spider webs
And the thirsty cactus screams

Nicole Surginer

Nicole Surginer is a poet from the small town of Bastrop,Texas. She is inspired to write by her love for nature’s enchantment, a fascination with the power of raw, intense emotion and a desire to create beauty with words. She has been published in Tuck Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, Indiana Voice Journal, Tuck Magazine with pending publications with Sick Lit Magazine and the Contemporary Poet’s group anthology “Dandelion in a vase of roses”.



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