Blossoms by Jane Frank

It’s spring in New Farm Park
and I’m invisible
under the jacarandas
in my mauve shirt,
my heartbeat muffled
by the chug of ferry engines,
my ring the colour
of grass when the sun goes.
The clouds are weighted with shadows.
Over there is the bench
where I ate sandwiches
with a man who had
such an easy smile,
where I was lulled into thinking
the blossoms would hold.

Jane Frank

Jane Frank is a poet and academic based in Brisbane, Australia. She is the author of Milky Way of Words, published by Ginninderra Press, 2016. Her poems have appeared in Australian Poetry Journal, Westerly, Writ, London Grip, The Frogmore Papers, Nutshells and Nuggets, Northwords Now, Poets Republic, Eunoia Review and Yellow Chair Review, as well as forthcoming in Antipodes, Cordite Review and takehē.

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