One Of A Kind by Vivian Belford

Once at the green turtle
I met a hunk with a bulge
It made my tender flesh
Ache with untold wants
Buried in mills and boom
It was not a cock and bull
He kissed my lips to pink
And left my titties red
Two hungry wolves aroused
At the sight of a full blue moon
I took it on all fours just like
A green turtle Pro
If we howled louder than we did
Our wolves would have quaked
Under our mooning frames
Months later,
All that soul and funk quickened
Something inside of me
Beating so strong to a rhythm
Echoing howls of that night
When we danced naked
Without an iota of shame.
I never asked for a parting gift
How very kind of you
I’m awed to know that soon
That face of yours will surface
Again In a little him or her
Making that brazen night
One of a kind

Vivian Belford

Vivian Belford is a freelance writer by day and an aspiring actor by night, she started writing professionally in 2013 some of her work has been featured in Indian periodicals, Tuck magazine Creativity webzine. She is currently staring in her own movie “living and dying with a smile” she writes from Abuja Nigeria.


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