Fractal Identity, Mandelbrot Set and William Blake by Sudeep Adhikari

Last night I dreamt of a serpent
folded at its half and stitched together
the tail nearly touching its mouth
almost an Ouroboros,
an eternity, yet to be realized
I am.
when Unthought breathes
my mind dreams in the language
of archaic myths, and symbols
which are made of Buddha
and Christ’s bones.

and there was a beautiful Mandelbrot set
in a dark bluish shade
I kept zooming in
to find the same pattern,
self-reflecting, self-aware.
I am the infinity
bounded by the finite contours
One, without time
yet multiple shades of

When a unitary soul
weaves multiple manifold
Godhead seamlessly coincides
with the most ordinary
you are the infinity when you dream
and a fraction when you act;
an inexact space of
Coincidentia Oppositorium
where darkness is as real as the Light.

And that
what I call, The  Fractal Identity
a fragment reflecting the entire whole
And I remember Blake,
seeing the world in a grain of sand
when his Eternity and an hour
became a singular One.

Sudeep Adhikari

Sudeep Adhikari, from Kathmandu Nepal, considers poetry to be an impersonal act, largely deriving its content from unconscious psychic undergrounds. His works have recently been featured in Verse-Virtual, Arlington Literary Journal, Zombie Logic Review, DEAD SNAKES, UFO Gigolo, Literary Yard, The Peregrine Muse and Soul-Lit Magazine.



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