My Neighbour And The Little Bone by Rodney Wood

A man rented the house at 25.
He had a jacuzzi in the garden
and most evenings it was occupied
by him and a supermarket checkout
girl. One day she refused his advances
so he killed her and buried the body
in the garden. Years passed and the girl’s
bones lie unavenged. Each year the man
held a party for the neighbours, argued
and made obscene remarks to everyone.
Last year he went into the garden for
a piss which uncovered a small bone
which he picked up and put in his pocket.
The bone turned into a knife that dug
into his groin, cut an artery and
he bled to death. The police marked off
the house with blue and white plastic tape,
detectives marked around the blood stains
with yellow chalk and an Armed Response
Unit crouched behind a wall with machine
guns and sniper rifles in case that knife
wielding maniac was still around. They
saw a cat digging up something and found
the girl’s body, missing a small bone.


Rodney Wood is retired and lives in Farnborough. Currently holds the flag for the Woking Stanza and revising a novel, The Poet Assassin. His work has recently appeared in magazines such as Tears in the Fence, South, The Frogmore Papers, Message in a Bottle, The Lake and Stride.



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