On Friday by Wayne Russell

The sexy Spanish lady on the morning news
says there’s a 50 percent chance of rain today
the birds sing outside, the dogs urinate upon
the hedge row, I nurse the hang over with yet
another beer….

it’s 7:30 am
I am no hero
I am no Jesus
hanging upon the cross.
I am no super villain
I am no Bukowski
wasting away upon the stage
spewing words of drunken truth.

The rubbish trucks set off the clanging chimes
of thudding doom, it’s Friday, it’s time to live
alone again, while the wife works and the kids
learn the golden rules at school, I must partake to live.

I do all this drinking alone and fantasize that the sexy
Spanish weather lady is here with me, knowing full
well, that any day now that I can end up out on a park
bench, truly alone.

Wayne Russell

Wayne Russell is a creative writer from Tampa, Florida, but he has seen most of the world. At different points in Wayne’s life, he has had the privilege to reside in Dunoon, Scotland and Wellington, New Zealand. Wayne has recently founded his first online writing magazine known as Degenerates Literature, it can be found at the link below. https://www.facebook.com/DehenerateLiterature/


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