Divide & Rule by Gemma Howell

Western combat forces
launch triumphant mission
to rid
the world of bloodstained dictators.

Wrong turn.
Vaunted weapons of mass destruction.
Wrong turn.
Misadventures in the East.
Wrong turn.
New democracy insecure.

Bush’s lonely refusal to heed calls
to cut and run.
Obama strikes a good war
instead of a dumb one.

Wrong turn.
Sectarian bloodletting.
Wrong turn.
Invasion debated.
Wrong turn.
Bleeding economically
at home.

Unemployment stuck.
Debts as high- as the eye can see.
Yet even in the age of austerity,
superpower still towers
over all corners of military power.
For a world to be free?

Wrong turn.
Iraq in the twinkle of an eye.
Wrong turn.
Negligible losses fly.
Wrong turn.
Subduing is harder.
Wrong turn.
We swallowed the lie.

Eastern terror forces launch
counter mission to rid the world
of Capitalist dictators.

Wrong turn.
Attack on humanity.
Wrong turn.
Attack on diversity.
Wrong turn.
Civil war is looming.

Islam made a threat to our security,
scapegoated as a public enemy,
by the “Free Press” and the BBC.
Narrative of hate fueling
a scripted war of ideology.

Wrong turn.
Power without
Wrong turn.
Media control.
Wrong turn.
Incitement of fear.

Politi-corporate forces launch surreptitious battle
to rid the UK of money grabbers.
Back stabbers reduce the poor to scroungers,
and refugees become drowning fleas.
Babies dying in freezing seas.

Wrong turn.
Misguided morals.
Wrong turn.
Obligations denied.
Wrong turn.
Blinded haters.
Wrong turn.
Divide and rule.

Tory forces launch austerity
to eradicate the cause of poverty.
Cut deep to exterminate the poor,
who are surplus to requirement
in the ‘Big Society.’
Political Ignorance, apathy,
a frightened, unthinking nation equals pliability.
Tax breaks for the ruling elite and their cronies
while ‘Benefits Britain’ deems society’s poorest
as takers, fakers and dirty dolies.

Wrong turn.
The deserved
and undeserved poor.
Wrong turn.
Unashamed hypocrisy.
Wrong turn.
The shrinking of the Welfare State.
Wrong turn.
Public services starved.
Wrong turn.
NHS on its knees.
Wrong turn.

Social cohesion; a fallacy.

Wrong turn.
Divide and rule.

UKIP nationalists launch fear campaign
to rid society of outsiders.
Farage forged as a working-class hero.
Vows immigration will become zero
if we vote to leave,
we can take back the reins of our country.

Wrong turn.
Colonialism is dead.
Wrong turn.
Global nation instead.
Wrong turn.
Divide and rule.

UK politics now in disarray,
with shock resignations every day.
Theresa May take the reins of the Country
Time to take away the
Fundamental Rights of our Liberty.

Wrong turn.
Reversal of history.
Wrong turn.
Worker’s rights expunged.

Wrong turn.
Thought controlled.
Wrong turn.
Where is Labour?

Wrong turn.
The loss of equality.
Wrong turn.
A fight of the classes.

Wrong turn.
The Orwellian Plight.
Wrong turn.
Divide and rule.

Gemma June Howell

Gemma June Howell’s gritty and honest poetic voice has challenged literary norms in Wales. Her passion for politically-forthright poetry is firmly rooted in her commitment to the Red Poets Society. In 1999 she won First runner up in the Aber Valley Arts Competition, and with her debut publication ‘Inside the Treacle Well,’ (Hafan Books: 2009) she became recognised as a controversial writer of unconventional Anglo-Welsh literature. In 2010, she was a Finalist for the John Tripp Award for Spoken Word, and has since had poems appear in anthologies: ‘Hallelujah for 50ft Women’, (Bloodaxe Books 2015) and ‘When the Young Dodo’s Meet the Young Dragon’s’ (2015). Her most recent publication, Rock Life: 17 Poems from the Welsh Valleys is available to buy on Amazon.




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