Woodworm by Marc Woodward

The woodworm in the cross weren’t Jewish
and Christianity hadn’t yet come to town.
Nor did they belong to pagan cults
and when the spear slit in and blood dripped down,
the woodworm, feeling only sticky rain,
with no sense of bad or good,
just chewed deeper in the wood.

The woodworm weren’t Buddhist,
Jainist or even Zoroastrianist
and if they were inhabited by Hindus
on their long journey passing through,
well, the woodworm never knew.

The woodworm now aren’t Muslim
and still they follow no religion.
They live the lives bestowed on them.
Non-denominational and secular,
they ate a wooden Buddha,
they ate the holy cross.
Even now they’re chomping down
in churches, synagogues and mosques.

Marc Woodward

Musician and poet Marc Woodward hails from America but now lives in rural England. His writing, whilst quite musical, often has a dark or macabre undercurrent. He has been published in a wide range of journals and on line sites. His recent chapbook ‘A Fright of Jays’ is available from Maquette Press: http://andybrown5.wix.com/maquette


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