Rock Life: 17 Poems from The Welsh Valleys by Gemma June Howell

Gemma June Howell

Gemma June Howell’s gritty and honest poetic voice has challenged literary norms in Wales. Her passion for politically-forthright poetry is firmly rooted in her commitment to the Red Poets Society. In 1999 she won First runner up in the Aber Valley Arts Competition, and with her debut publication ‘Inside the Treacle Well,’ (Hafan Books: 2009) she became recognised as a controversial writer of unconventional Anglo-Welsh literature.  In 2010, she was a Finalist for the John Tripp Award for Spoken Word, and has since had poems appear in anthologies: ‘Hallelujah for 50ft Women’, (Bloodaxe Books 2015) and ‘When the Young Dodo’s Meet the Young Dragon’s’ (2015). Her most recent publication, Rock Life: 17 Poems from the Welsh Valleys is available to buy on Amazon.

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