And The Dog Complains by Jon Bennett

I can’t sleep
and she’s only pretending to
because we did all the coke
though we agreed,
“just a little.”
Her pug dog hates me.
I wake him up every 2 minutes
because he snores like Fred Flintstone,
but finally he runs into the living room
and hides under the couch.
In the morning
I find my underpants
only they’re
some other dude’s
and she hides
her face in the pillow
while the dog
waddles back in
and pisses on the floor.

Jon Bennett

Jon Bennett is a Pushcart Award nominated writer and musician living in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. His novel, The Unfat, is available through his website,, and his music can be found on Pandora and Spotify.


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