A Ten Question Interview With The Artist… Alexandra Naughton

Why do you write?

Well I definitely don’t do it for pleasure. Not that it’s a pain, it’s fun most of the time. It’s not a hobby, it’s a habit.

What books do you read?

I just finished Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata, and So Sad Today by Melissa Broder. I’m probably going to read this Mary Ruefel book next.

What inspires you?

Memories and sensations, like I always feel like I’m trying to go back to this one moment that’s dusky and clean and quiet and I’m listening to death cab for cutie on my stereo and burning incense maybe and my mom is downstairs cooking dinner and I’m just sitting in my room alone thinking and I know that my boyfriend really loves me and even though 911 is about to happen next year, everything just kind of feels okay and nice because I’m 15 and I haven’t done anything too dumb yet.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer and when?

I’ve just always kind of done this. It’s only been fairly recently that I’ve made an effort to put work out and get published. I was just like, why not I’m doing this already anyway.

How do you deal with rejection?

It’s usually fine. I might get a little ticked off at first but I edit a zine and I run a press so I understand when sometimes a piece doesn’t really fit in with what the greater vision of the publication is.

Who are some writers you admire?

Jesse Prado, Ctch Bsnss, Luis Neer, Amy Berkowitz, Maisha Johnson, Mk Chavez, Cassandra Dallett, I think I’m just naming writers I know and admire and work with.

Is writing the only artistic medium you do?

I like to make videos, direct little films. I draw but I’m not super talented.

What would be some advice you would give to your younger self?

You’re cool. Don’t believe people who tell you different.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Just write. And read. Like a lot.

What is your writing process?

I think about lines in my head and then I’ll write them down when I think they sound tight in my head and then I have a catalyst for a poem or story or something and then later I’ll mess around with it.

Alexandra Noughton

Alexandra Naughton is founder and director of be about it press. She is the author of several poetry collections. Her first novel, American Mary, was published by civil coping mechanisms in March 2016.


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