My Brain Without Drugs by Michael Marrotti

on a dead end road
Exceeding the speed limit
with no detour in sight
Left with no options
Forced to accept my fate
I spit in my hand
as I caress
my disappointed penis
in the hopes of saying
hello to solace

Much to my despair
I couldn’t even acquire
a state of precum

Approaching the end
with a limp dick
I gotta say for the most part
I enjoyed the ride
Nothing says achievement
like time well wasted

Wasted I was

Living off fried rice
candy bars and
the occasional orgasm
was good enough for me
when I had my milligrams

The sign I just passed
said there’s only seven
miles left to go

Nostalgia kicks in as I
recall my favorite destination

Destination flaccid avenue

Money exchanges
Pockets full of goodies
Another day I avoided
demon dope sick

Scratching myself to sleep
Scratching myself awake
Lucid dreams
Panic in Dormont

It was only a matter of time
That time came too soon

Only four miles left
and my nose begins to run
The price a man gotta pay
for happiness is tragic

Only two miles left
My body is introduced
to agony
She’s a merciless cunt
Why did I do this
to myself

Only one mile left
I’ve lost the will to persist

This is my brain without drugs

Michael Marrotti

Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh using words instead of violence to mitigate the suffering of life in a callous world of redundancy. His primary goal is to help other people. He considers poetry to be a form of philanthropy. When he’s not writing, he’s volunteering at the Light Of Life homeless shelter on a weekly basis. If you appreciate the man’s work, please check out his blog: for his latest poetry and short stories.


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