If My Vagina Had Teeth by Andi Fekete

I would be impenetrable without permission
if my vagina had teeth
when I walked alone at night
I wouldn’t think just one more block
because no cock would prove a threat to my
vagina’s razor sharp teeth, no more
holding keys between my knuckles thinking,
I can put his eyes out if I swing hard
no, no looking over my shoulder in the parking lot
anymore if my vagina had teeth
I could talk back, I mean talk real shit when a date turns bad
when he coerces, come on, come on, you know you want to, I could
say no and fuck you and get your hands off me
if my vagina had teeth I would no longer
lower my head, cross my arms to cover my breasts,
instead, I’d flip off the oglers on the street cat-calling me
their words about my ass and tits no longer scary, just threats
their mere soft fleshy pricks can’t make good on
if my vagina had teeth
mother fuckers wouldn’t have anything to steal
other than my shitty TV when they break in my house
If my vagina had teeth, none would
try to enter without my say so
if my vagina had teeth no one
would fuck with me
if my vagina had teeth
I would finally feel safe by power to eviscerate
where before ears seemed not to hear but they’d get the message
loud and clear if only my vagina had teeth.

Andi Fekere

Andrea Fekete was born and raised in southern West Virginia. She has one published novel, one published chapbook, but not many friends since she stopped drinking. She resides in Charleston,WV with her cat Buddy.



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