Arizona Poem by Constance Ann Fitzgerald

`Wearing cowboy boots like
exposed roots
tracing you back several generations
on either side
of your fractured family

Born southwest
or super white trash

You do this for aesthetic
but the meaning behind it
vibrates your bones

The desert where you spent
the first 22 years of your life
is scorched into your soul

You’re filled with
and cactus needles

It’s where you call home
but could never live or be
for more than a long weekend
Its where you call home
because you don’t know
what else to call it

Constance Ann Fitzgerald

Constance Ann Fitzgerald is Head Editor/Curator of Ladybox Books and author of TRASHLAND A GO-GO. She lives in Portland Oregon where her happiness is wholly contingent upon whether or not there is a dog in the room.


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