Unfortunate Turn Of Events by Ben Newell

I’m at work on a Wednesday morning,
reading Dear Abby
the local paper.

A 30-year-old single mother/college student
often has her mother
come over and watch the kids
while she’s attending class.

A tidy arrangement
until the mother starts snooping
in her daughter’s bedroom,
eventually finding
a pack of cigarettes and a joint
in the nightstand drawer.

Incensed by her daughter’s
tobacco/pot habit,
the intrusive mother now refuses
to babysit–

I don’t bother to read Abby’s response
as I lost interest
when that nosy bitch opened the drawer
and discovered smokes
and weed
instead of a vibrating

Ben Newell 2

Ben Newell, 43, works as a library clerk at a small college in Jackson, Mississippi. His poems have appeared in The Blood Machine, Chiron Review, LUMMOX, Nerve Cowboy, Pink Litter, and other underground publications. He is a Bennington College dropout.


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