In The Land Of The Lame by Bryn Fortey

The tall thin woman
Offers an extended nipple
To a child with one leg

This is Amputee Central
And the child in question
Has one leg more than many

Raw stumps
Dried red spoiling the white
Old eyes in young faces

Eyes that have seen
Blood on the fleeing moon

The tall thin woman
Croons a tuneless lullaby
Offers short-term comfort
But little hope

Bryn Fortey

A veteran of the writing game for more years than he cares to remember, Bryn Fortey edited the well received (at the time) OUTLAW, a post-Beat poetry magazine from the 70s and at the same time had short stories in FONTANA anthologies, among others. After a while away from the literary scene he recently returned with both fiction and poetry acceptances. In 2014 The Alchemy Press published his debut collection MERRY-GO-ROUND, combining short stories and poetry in one book.

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