Blaspheme by Chris Stewart

Blot-out clouds censor silver scales
over the apartment block hills
whilst the Zodiac gathers
to overseer the olive groves.
Corfu truly is a place for astrologers.

In Kassiopi
the young Corfiots
drink expensive continental lagers,
the Local Mythos on draught
and imported bottles of Heineken.
So it is incumbent upon me to witness
Zeus drape his lightning mantle
across the shoulders of Seranda
whilst pissing into the sea.

My piss is a yellow cable,
the lightning a digital flash,
Seranda briefly
a bleached jpeg
of invisible Albanians.

Chris Stewart one phone - Copy

Chris Stewart was longlisted for the CYCLOP International Videopoetry Contest 2015. He is winner of the 2015 Read Our Lips filmpoem competition. He is an Apples and Snakes ‘Public Address’ alumnus. He is anthologised in ‘Break-Out: A Calling Card From the Rising Stars of the Teesside Scene’ (Ek Zuban, 2013). You can tweet him @SideBurnedPoet. You can find his filmpoems here:


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