Louisville by Victor Clevenger

I hate your smile
I told him,
you always deliver my news
and it’s always crap.
A morning crap.
Do I look like a toilet.
Let me guess,
it’s another letter stamped
from the Municipal Utilities
saying that they are going to
cut the service and that
I’m going to freeze.
Oh my, maybe,
it’s notification from the
Savings and Loan
to tell me that the last four
checks have been returned for insufficient funds
and that I’m going to
keep starving,
or it’s another letter from her
boasting about finding
a new
attached to a man
ten-times better than me.

‘The last prick she
boasted about had
a smooth back
and her fingers didn’t
rub bumps
like they did against

She has already
found someone he asked.

Oh, yes, I told him,
a real pretty boy who only wears blue
corduroy pants.

Only blue.

Yes.  Only blue.
I saw him outside the supermarket. Blue.
I saw him walking down Thirty-Fourth Street. Blue.
I saw him in front of that church last Tuesday
over by where she lives and
they were once again blue.

Maybe the guy just likes blue he laughed.

Piss on him I said,
Piss on her
and you too;
just give me the mail.

I have no mail for you today.


I have nothing,
you can try to answer something
for me . . . is it pronounced
Louis-ville, or Louie-ville.

Fuck off.

He just smiled again and
then walked down the
street to the next mailbox.

He was a cocky shit.
He was the last prick with a smooth back.
and I have always
hoped that a sharp-toothed dog
would do a good number
on his ass cheek.

Just because.

Victor Clevenger - Copy

Victor Clevenger; With guts full of grit, I spend my days in a Maximum Security Madhouse and my nights writing poetry and short stories from the kitchen table of my ex-wife’s home. Selected pieces of my work have been published in Chiron Review, Eleventh Transmission, Crab Fat Literature, NEAT, and anthology collections published by Lady Chaos Press.




One thought on “Louisville by Victor Clevenger

  1. This is by far the best piece of poetry I’ve read on ‘Your One Phone Call.’ Thanks for the share, bro! 👍👍


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