Sunday Afternoon Magic by Brenton Booth

Sunday afternoon listening
to a guitarist play Bach and
hoping for words
it doesn’t matter if they aren’t
as good as the music I am
listening to—
they rarely are:
but the desire is always
the music is loud—
really loud
to block out the sound of
my neighbours
who sit outside with their
young children and their
endless talk talk talk
not listening to music
not understanding music
seeing only themselves
and their completely
banal existences as music
and truly important;
and on this Sunday afternoon
I thank the Gods for people
like Bach and Rabelais and
Shakespeare and Plato and
Saroyan and everyone else
that chose something more
than the ordinary
something more than their
own personal comfort
to bring magic to a world
dominated by bland, conservative,
forgettable people
and keep hope alive for all the
rest of us.

Brenton Booth

Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. He has recently been printed in Chiron Review, Mas Tequila Review, Bold Monkey, Red Fez and Paper and Ink.



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