The Meat of the Matter by Susan Evans

`I’d never cheat on my bird’ he says ‒
very proud is Les, not to give into
burger, when he’s steak at home.
He’d never roam ‒
`she cooks a mean roast’
Les likes to boast how he’s a leg,
thigh and breast man…
Says, although his Tracey’s fit, he’ll not
put a ring on it ‒
`let’s not get carried away’ says Les:

`why buy the Cow when I can get the milk for free…’

Grew up hearing these analogies;
wiser now, they sicken me.
Les, needs to evolve and Tracey
won’t be told that she’s not a piece
of meat. Only she’s sweet on him:

`I like our cosy nights in,
watching Chick Flicks on Netflix,
I’ve had worse pricks and
Les licks me out; something my
Ex. husband would never do…’

Declared Tracey; not one to
mince her words.

Susan Evans Performance Poet Photo by Andrew King 2015

Susan Evans is a Performance Poet from North East London, living in Brighton. Susan’s performed at various, live literature events across the UK ‒ straddling stage and page, her poetry appears/ is forthcoming in: the Fat Damsel, (Take Ten, Issue 3) Ink, Sweat & Tears, I am not a silent poet, the Jawline Review, Lighten-up online, Militant Thistles, Message in a Bottle, Nutshells and Nuggets, Poetry Space, (Winter showcase, 2014) Prole (Issues 14 & 15) Proletarian Poetry, Snakeskin,The Stare’s Nest, The Yellow Chair Review, Writing Magazine (April, 2015) Your One Phone Call. Anthologies: Brighton Stanza Poets, 2013 (Bramley Press) Slim Volumes: No Love Lost and Wherever You Roam (Pankhearst) and Spotlights, 2015 (Paragram). You can find her here:


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