In A Florida Motel Room by James Babbs

I saw an angel on the ceiling
in the swirling plaster above my head
after I told her
I didn’t love her anymore
I saw an angel
spreading its enormous wings
when I was lying upside-down on the bed
my arms wide open and
I was waiting
waiting for the angel to fall on me
the sound of my own breathing
the AC in the window moaning
its own kind of lonesome song
something in my heart broken
I felt strange and
too afraid to say anything
we had already walked in the ocean
and listened to the waves
crashing against the shore
yesterday there were jellyfish
washed up on the beach
and the birds took turns devouring them
while we just stood there watching
no longer together
already thinking of different things.

James Babbs Photo

James Babbs continues to live and write from the same small Illinois town where he grew up. He has published hundreds of poems over the past thirty years and, recently, a few short stories. James is the author of Disturbing The Light(2013) & The Weight of Invisible Things(2013).


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