Active Hope by Karen Little

The skull at the piano is out of sympathy with the regulars,
his words surf by their ears. He proposes new ways to inhabit
our city; heavy as a sandbag, not necessarily trustworthy.

Using a silver spoon, he eats a dozen raw eggs; the yolk blood
spilling from curves of matching hollows.

A customer takes offence. ‘You are a regular pest sir, with bees
crossing your brow; they sink into the Grand Canyon of your lines.
You are a different breed sir, scratching at your recently healed cheek.’

My active hope: that your views will not match theirs. I admire
the way he bends in winds strong enough to force me horizontal.

Karen Little

Karen Little trained as a dancer at London Contemporary Dance School, and as a Sculptor at Camberwell School of Art, London. She has performed and exhibited internationally.. She regularly reads her poetry at events and has recently been published in over thirty magazines and anthologies, including Petals in the Pan anthology, Deep Water Literary Journal and Southern Pacific Review.


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