Rinse And Repeat by James Diaz

Come across
lay yourself absolutely
one love
through many lives and times I have tried
under the complete ignorance
I have made for myself
of myself
what little I keep

drowned through the mercury
paper shirt
your name tucked into my 10 second huh
elsewhere the ground is weeping
all tired guards
whose way home is worse than others

might I am
was waiting for a resolution
to strike like gold
not have to work for the moment to come
as it hesitates
who am I
a born thing kicking out of spite
less security than reason
linger long the moment
I enter

through and through
no reference
it’s the hazy line between no point at all
from where ago
I was at the sea
a pathological waiter
whose tides were never turning
kicked aside to love the rinse

I masturbate with good intentions
hiding from the light
when awakened by snow patterns
through hungry dawn
I will be tired of you
that’s the least I know
one moment removed
I haven’t any oblivion
in me
no sleep
life to give
When it comes
if it comes
while I thrash and wreck
what’s wrong with isolation
when outside this motel is only more empty swimming pools?
Sad sentence
it turns again
is the lost way out
leading in
lasting road
paper tree

I’m all torn
between the things that wont remember me…

James Diaz

James Diaz lives in New York. You can find more of his writings, if you are so inclined, in Cheap Pop Lit, Ditch, Pismire, Collective Exile, and The Idiom.


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