The Baggage by Chumki Sharma

In the flight I shut the
murder mystery
and take a nap.
The protagonists walk out
of my imagination
and step back into the book,
shut the windows,
close the curtains,
lock the doors,
light a candle
and pour a drink.
The last ten pages
left me breathless.
I alight from the plane
lift the glittering
red handles
of a suitcase
you have to sit on
to latch.

Chumki sharma

Chumki Sharma is a poet from Calcutta, India. She is widely published and her works have appeared and are forthcoming in several publications like Expound, The Birds Piled Loosely, Tuck Magazine, Oddball Magazine, The Shot Glass Journal, I Am Not A Silent Poet etc. She is also a renowned spoken word performer and has been featured on the radio and other media. Currently, she is working on her manuscript ‘Running Away With The Garden’ when not engaged in her day job as a Banker.


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