Floating In An Analgesic Cloud by Chumki Sharma

Empty inbox becomes a ghost,
sits on my back, it’s dead weight an
old ache.

I become friends with analgesics.
the sound of the word in my mouth
like the aftertaste of his last message
telling me the cancer had spread,
still two paces behind his love for me.
No more chemo. only the sweet relief
of analgesics.

The phone rang this morning.
I loved my calm through the call.
They said he did not
‘rage against the dying of the light’.
Graceful till the end.
I move on with my analgesics.

‘For Sale’ signboard
on the gate of the house
shrouded behind walls of snow.

Chumki sharma

Chumki Sharma is a poet from Calcutta, India. She is widely published and her works have appeared and are forthcoming in several publications like Expound, The Birds Piled Loosely, Tuck Magazine, Oddball Magazine, The Shot Glass Journal, I Am Not A Silent Poet etc. She is also a renowned spoken word performer and has been featured on the radio and other media. Currently, she is working on her manuscript ‘Running Away With The Garden’ when not engaged in her day job as a Banker.


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