The Scent by John D Robinson

The scent of your
pleasure across
my mouth
takes me back
to earlier days
and to times
when time was
something we took
for granted and
treated it like
something casual
and uninteresting
and now,
some years later,
the taste of
your passion
is as sweet
as ever
and now the
dare not move
but rather they
hesitate and linger
like 2 flight-weary
birds resting awhile
upon a gently
swaying cable-wire.

john robinson

John D Robinson was born UK in 1963; began writing poetry aged 16, 1st poem published a year later; over the years many of his poems have appeared in the small presses; of recent, his work has appeared in Bareback Lit; Red Fez; The Kitchen Poet; Dead Snakes.


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