Wisconsin, Why Are You Sad? By James Diaz

Carry the spoon – I am your icon –
falsely –
never sure –
so the mind loses focus –
until the focus loses reason –
I know what I say (what I have said) will be true in the end –
my sweet wounds –
this answers nothing –
not sure what a face looks like –
when not hampered by illusion –
distrust – by all melancholy –
my epic – this epic –
I have wounded –
every element –
am becoming the wound –
when it says –
it means every word –
It died for every word that was written –
won’t come back –
wont’ remember you as a friend –
this is the end of rationality –
all trust is over –
this being over –
it really is over –
done with it…..

James Diaz

James Diaz lives in New York. You can find more of his writings, if you are so inclined, in Cheap Pop Lit, Ditch, Pismire, Collective Exile, and The Idiom.


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