Appetite by Amber Decker

When you told me you wanted
to bring another girl
to bed with us, I wondered
what exactly you were hungry for,
the small, bald lamp on the nightstand
throwing its unflattering light
across your face like the light
from the refrigerator at midnight,
your hands busy pawing
their way past the milk
and the containers filled with
rainbows of chopped vegetables,
the voluptuous bottles of beer
lined up like bubbly blondes
on the bottom shelf,
searching for something
quick and easy
to satisfy your fickle appetite,
while remnants of the dinner I’d spent
a whole evening preparing
were tossed to the dog, bones
plucked from the meat
and buried in sacks of garbage,
set out on the back porch
for the raccoons to pick through
while we slept together,
without touching.


Amber Decker is a thirty-something poet and musician from West Virginia. She is a lover of comic books, horror culture, good wine, tattoos, and rock and roll. Her latest collection of poems, The Girl Who Left You, is available from California’s notorious Six Ft. Swells Press.


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