Give My Love To Eileen by James Diaz

What was past
was really past
really happening so you could feel it
not above
but so low
for certain

thanks for the time
you bailed me out
with your new tattoo
3 am
rain in your coffee
my hands on your ass

Can’t find the car
So I love to lose
and your scars sweat all over me
dead beat cafe’s
with wet hair
and winter stockings
licked you right up to the bruise
where you spread my name
close to your life line

Heart is where it’s at
though it wont look for you in a rain storm
casualty misfit
Hemingway halfway house for men
and girls under 26 who don’t mind sharing a bed
and hot chocolate fingertips
sawing through the cob webs
I wrote you a song 4 years ago
but I sold my guitar so I could get high one last time
and drive off the freeway
and hand you the keys
(last minute I looked in your eyes)
and walked out into the field
towards New Jersey
the red moon sunk behind tins of fire
Newark greyhound bus station
When Sartre said “ Go there “
we really did.

James Diaz

James Diaz lives in New York. You can find more of his writings, if you are so inclined, in Cheap Pop Lit, Ditch, Pismire, Collective Exile, and The Idiom.


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