What It Is To Have Tenure by Jay Passer

I summon the battleships
my doppelgänger resides overseas
the media chatter splits anvils
I’m broke on barefoot bottles
against the regime of disinformation
I went gray and stooped in minutes
I lost some weight when removed of kneecaps
my surveillance was confiscated
I listen to the same song over and over
obsessed with botched executions
I consume frozen burritos
waiting for the dry cycle to finish spinning
just in time to fall off the mountain
I don’t expect miracles
I grope at the cumulus of the sky for some scratch
I give Achilles a run for his money
onset of a pantheon employing Black Op directives
while grifting me at every chance
I hope and pray I awaken from the psychotropics
to corral killer whales and brainwash berserk rhinos
I extradite my sovereign collection of lovers and rivers
I ought to be committed
I ought to run for office
I ought to clench my teeth in defiance
of what’s
best for me.

Jay Passer 2

Jay Passer’s work has appeared online and in print since 1988. He lives and works in San Francisco, the city of his birth. His latest chap, Flower Omelette, co-authored with Misti Rainwater-Lites, is available from Lulu.

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