Sasha And Dasha by Oleg Razumovsky

Dasha loved Sasha, and Sasha loved great russian poet Alexander Pushkin. He memorized one hundred poems of the poet and shone in the classroom. The teacher of literature, Larissa Ivanovna, praised Sasha very much. She loved him and strongly encouraged to love poetry and all Russian literature. But the student of the same class as Sasha, the tatar named Rashid, did not like Pushkin at all and often muttered in literature classes: fucking Pushkin, Pushkin sucks, Pushkin is an asshole … No wonder the real Russian people claim that we have borrowed the foul language from the Tatars. This is probably true. It is clear that the literature teacher hated Rashid and would like him to be transferred to another class, another school or kicked out of the city and the country for good.

So, Dasha loved Sasha. Sure. He was so great, he recited Pushkin’s poems very well. Dasha often, tongue hanging out like a dog, repeated for Sasha: I remember a wonderful moment … And naughty Rashid grimaced and whispered loudly; when I fucked you. Then the teacher of literature, Larissa Ivanovna would, ran up to him and beat the tatar with a ruler on his foul head.

The trouble was, however, Natasha, an angry and psychopath girl, loved Sasha too . Once she persuaded two of her friends to beat Dasha. Girls lured their classmate into the basment, where they smoked, sniffed glue and did everithing they wanted to do. They took with them Rashid too, who did not like Sasha and Dasha. He hated Dasha for being too modest and arrogant, and he desliked Sasha, of course, for Pushkin, whom he hated with all his heart, he knew not why.

It wasn’t easy for the girls to lure Dasha into the basement, but they succeded after all.

Sasha meanwhile came home and began to recite Pushkin the moment he entered the room: frost and sun – a wonderful day … The parents were sitting at the table and drinking vodka. It lasted several days already. Frankly speaking, they were sick and tired of listenening to their son reciting Pushkin, so they asked him to shut up and go away. Sasha, however, got very excited and went on: my first friend, my friend … priceless. Then the father has slammed the bottle down on the table and shouted: shut the fuck up fucking puppy. But Sasha did not let up.

And in the basement the cruel girls were beating Dasha real hard, calling her names like fucking sheep… and so on. Then they stripped her stark naked and humiliated in every possible way. Rashid stood aside and smiled wickidly. Then Natasha saw a dirty stick on the ground and called the tartar: “Rashid, take the stick and fuck this bitch”. Rashid, without a hesitation, as if he had long waited for this moment, grabbed the stick and came up to the weeping Dasha.

And in Sasha’s apartment the drunk Dad was beating his son. Sasha was crying, but he continued to recite Pushkin. When he wasn’t able to bear the pain any more was, Sasha rushed out of the house, but the debauchee father ran after him, and overtook him at the pump. Dad knocked the son out and beat him with his feet, shod in canvas boots, until he killed the boy to death.

At the funeral of Sasha Larisa Ivanovna had a heart attack. And died.

Oleg Razumovsky

Oleg Razumovsky was born in Smolensk, Russia. Served in the Navy. Graduated from teachers training school. First publications in underground reviews The Third Modernisation,(Riga), Mitin Journal (St.Petersburg), Chernovic (New-York) and others. Books by Franc-Tireur USA: Ho-Chi-Min trail, Merry Pictures and others. Literary prizes: Star Phallus (Moscow), Silver Bullet (USA), and Nonconformism 2015,Russia. Translations in Bulgarian, Dutch and English. Quite recently Razumovsky’s stories have been published in Roadside Fiction magazine, Bicycle Review, Mad Swirl, Offi Press and HST.



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