Chest Of Drawers by Grant Tarbard

This body is a chest of drawers, at
The centre is a Mason jar of hearts,
A stripped carcass that feathers into oak.
The top drawer is a mind tangled with
Scattered socks and disorganised forks. This
Drawer is where the birth of ideas
Poach in a field where light bulbs grow on the
Vine of loose threads and forgotten tissues.
In the shirt drawer are memories, when
The drawer is open they fly away
As paper aeroplanes scattering the
Seed of my scent and the disorder of
Thought. This body is a hand-me-down song
That whistles into knicker elastic.

Grant Tarbard is the editor of The Screech Owl
and co-founder of Resurgant Press.
His first collection Yellow Wolf is out now from WK Press.



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