Repercussions by Emma Lee

Please, it’s not you,
it’s me.

She curls, turns away.
He slips his shirt around her shoulders.

It’s not really me.
It’s him.

He pulls the bedcovers over.
There’s more to tenderness than touch.

It’s him.
It’s wrong it’s like this

He waits for her to turn and let him in,
let him help her move from victim into survivor.

Please, it’s not you.

Emma Lee’s “Ghosts in the Desert” is forthcoming from Indigo Dreams Publishing (2015). Previous publications include “Mimicking a Snowdrop” (Thynks Press) and “Yellow Torchlight and the Blues” (Original Plus). She blogs at and is a blogger-reviewer for Simon and Schuster. She also reviews for The Journal, London Grip and Sabotage Review magazines.

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